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You should be able to have the peace of mind to do what you do best and not have to worry about whether your business, event, or property are safe and secure. At Hickman Security, our goal is to provide you with professional security services so you can focus on what's important while knowing that we've got your back.

Our security professionals have been working in the Denver metro area since 1992 and have the training, experience, and expertise to keep everything -- and everyone -- you value in the safest hands possible. 




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Building security

A uniformed security guard can provide a visible deterrent to any and all criminal activity. We'll provide a free assessment of your needs for the most effective security, while respecting your company's image and needs. Whether you need entrance reception to monitor visitors and staff, interior patrols, parking patrols, or perimeter security, we have the years of experience to provide you with a sense of safety and security. 

Private event security

You want your event to go seamlessly and for everyone in attendance to enjoy every minute of the festivities. To pull this off, we can help plan and implement a successful, seamless security plan for events large and small.              


Our experienced Denver security guards are prepared to provide peace of mind at anytime anywhere in the Denver area. Whether you need a temporary guard to secure a construction site, retail store during the holidays, or you just need a random patrol, we are prepared to serve. 

House of worship Security

With the increased risk at worship services for all faiths in recent years, it's important to make sure you have a security team that has the experience and training to keep your congregants safe no matter what the circumstances. We've specialized in Denver synagogue security for many years, and we know the ropes and risks involved. We're prepared to provide all houses of worship with security assessments, plans, and implementation to guarantee safety and security. 


Julie Hickman not only brings a compassion and dedication to her work, she brings those same qualities to the people whose safety she is guarding.
— R. Allen, Synagogue Executive Director
Julie is a true professional, making sure my children have a safe and secure place to go to school every day, and that is priceless.
— C. Gordon-Bennett, parent


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