Hickman Security


Security for the Denver metro area.


Julie Hickman not only brings a compassion and dedication to her work, she brings those same qualities to the people whose safety she is guarding. On more than one occasion, Julie has presented us with safety concerns with which were not even aware. She makes sure she had a thorough understanding of the needs of her clients and makes herself available to help in any way she can, even when the need is above and beyond the norm. She has an amazing instinct to know what needs to be done. Our congregation definitely functions better with the help of Julie Hickman, because knowing that we can entrust our safety and security to her allows us to focus on our needs as congregants.
— R. Allen, Synagogue Executive Director

Julie is a true professional, making sure my children have a safe and secure place to go to school every day, and that is priceless.
— C. Gordon-Bennett, parent

Julie is a true professional who cares about our families in a personal way. She protects our school family, and we feel safe knowing she is keeping us and our children safe every day.
— D. Foster, Preschool director of administration